Christmas Giving- It's the Best!

Lenox worked with Corpus Christi Parish to provide Christmas dinner to 4 families in the Cincinnati area. Each of the four families received a Kroger gift card as well as all the fixings to make Christmas dinner and dessert, finished off with a gingerbread house kit and a Christmas movie. 

One special family of 5 received Christmas dinner AND gifts. 
Lenox was able to  provide the pajamas and sweatshirts requested by the family as well as extra clothing items, board games, a Christmas movie, books for each child and books to share as a family plus much more! 
We even put together something special for Mom!

This made our Lenox Christmas the Best!





Job Opportunity with Lenox Wealth Management

Wealth Management - Relationship Manager

Cincinnati, OH  Lenox Wealth Management

Benefits Offered

Vision, Medical, Dental, 401K

Employment Type



The Relationship Manager is a key role within the Wealth Management Team. This person serves as dedicated support on client relationships across multiple teams. They will provide direct support to a Wealth Advisor and work to develop and present key financial insights for our clients.



· This position provides daily, direct support to Wealth Advisors and to clients as needed

· Assembling, analyzing and developing presentations aimed at assisting clients in making appropriate financial decisions. The scope of our analysis is broad (e.g., long-term planning, investment evaluation, estate planning, income tax forecasting, cash flow planning, charitable giving, insurance planning and risk management)

· Provide analysis and support in the service and trading of investment portfolios, including company stock recommendations, bond and mutual fund accounts

· Facilitating and following up the implementation of planning recommendations

· Participating on internal firm Committees

· Serve as key liaison to other areas supporting clients, which include in-person meetings, operations, marketing and compliance



Experience and Skill Requirements:

· Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Finance or Accounting

· 2+ years financial services experience, providing some or all the above responsibilities

· Knowledge of financial services compliance requirements and reporting (FINRA, RIA, fiduciary)

· Ongoing professional development of Certified Financial Planner (CFP)


Other Requirements:

· Desire to learn and grow

· Ability to take direction and carry out duties and responsibilities with minimal supervision

· Must have strong organizational and prioritization skills

· Enjoy a team environment with a supportive culture

· Excellent customer service skills

· Strong attention to detail

· Proficient Microsoft Office skills – Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.

· Strong communication skills, both verbal and written

· Excellent organization skills and ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment

For more information, please contact Steve Reder:

Non-Profit of the Month: Crayons to Computers

Non-Profit of the Month: Crayons to Computers

Founded in 1997, Crayons to Computers has always been driven to bridge the gap between families in need and education. To date, they have successfully distributed more than $149 million worth of free school supplies. 

The heart of their mission is accomplished through their programs.

Why do teachers need Crayons to Computers’ programs?

Their students arrive empty handed. Their budgets are often limited or nonexistent. Teachers spend hundreds and thousands of dollars out of their pockets to help create a successful learning environment in their classrooms.

Qualifying schools have more than 60% of their student populations on free or reduced-cost lunches. That’s nearly 150,000 students throughout Greater Cincinnati.

With the help of donors, volunteers, and other partnerships, Crayons to Computers is able to make an incredible impact.  

While basic supplies like crayons, pencils, glue, and scissors will always be the core of what they provide, Crayons to Computers has a strong tradition of creating and manufacturing educational tools and resources that can be used in the classroom. All of their programs support their vision of providing underprivileged children with the necessary tools for success in school and beyond.

Crafts with Conviction

Crayons to Computers take pride in collaborating with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC) as well as the Ohio Department of Youth Services! Incarcerated men, women, and youth help transform raw materials into products such as flashcards, journals, or book bags! 

Since its creation, Crafts with Conviction has become Crayons to Computers’ #1 partner, accounting for millions of dollars worth of distributed educational materials and resources. 

Keep our Kids Warm!

Imagine it is winter and you are heading out to recess with socks on your hands, or waiting for the bus with no hat or scarf.  It is because of Crayons to Computers incredible volunteer knitters throughout the Greater Cincinnati area that they are able to stock their shelves with these basic winter necessities!

Teachers are able to “shop” for these items from roughly November–January each year, ensuring that they are able to provide these much-needed items to help keep their students warm during winter’s bitter-cold months.

Pre-School and Early Childhood Program

Crayons to Computers recognize the value and crucial importance of early childhood education. This core value led them to create a strategic plan that significantly enhances their efforts to support preschool programs for children ages 3–5 within their 16-county radius.

Their partnership with 4C for Children enables them to better reach early childhood programs and family/home-care providers committed to improving their quality ratings in both Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

6 Big Ways Tech is Rewriting Society's Rules

Looking forward, Technolgy will affect our lives in many different ways: how we learn, how we live, how we interact with others, how we get information…..and so on.

Below is a great article on some of the ways our lives will change in the future.  Take a look at what our new normal will be!


 Read the Full Article Here






Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud

Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud

Henry Cloud, the bestselling author of Integrity and The One-Life Solution, helps you understand that not all relationships should last a lifetime. In fact, ending a relationship can be a way to personal and professional growth and a necessary stage in order to move forward, energizing your life. These stagnant or broken relationships hold us back and keep us from achieving a full and better life. He guides us through the process of evaluating and making the tough decisions.


Fascinating read!

La Soupe Non-Profit of the Month


La Soupe is a social enterprise whose mission is to bridge the gap between food insecure families and preventing food from hitting the landfill. La Soupe rescues fresh produce, transforms it into nutritious soupes and sides, and shares that with our hungry neighbors. La Soupe has a team of volunteers who go to various Kroger locations, Jungle Jim’s and Pipkins to bring car loads of fresh produce to La Soupe. It is sorted, washed and then used in a creative way to produce food for both customers and hungry families and their children.

The Bucket Brigade started so that La Soupe could include local restaurants in the movement. Talented chefs use their own excess, or the food La Soupe rescues, to make soupes or prepared meals.

Cincinnati Gives a Crock cooking clubs exist in 2 schools, 1 woman’s shelter, and will soon be helping Villedge - a non-profit helping kids who are in the custody of Jobs and Family Services. Each week the students are taught basic knife skills and how to read recipes, manipulate spices and recognize product. They go home with prepped foods to cook in their crock pot which will feed a family of 6.

La Soupe focuses on feeding students who rely on free and reduced breakfast and lunch for their meals. At the end of each week. 455 “souper sacks” are sent home so that these children can enjoy a quart of soupe, fresh bread and danish, along with fruit, over the weekend.

In the first six months of 2016, La Soupe has rescued 35,300 pounds of produce and has given 2,010 gallons of soupe to people in our community who are hungry. The Bucket Brigade supplied La Soupe with 580 gallons of soupe to distribute.

Retirement? How much do you know?

Retirement? How much do you know?

Take a look at your retirement knowledge. Are you thinking about the future?  Take this quiz and see how prepared you are.  Lenox can help you fill in the missing pieces to help you Fund a Life You Love.

Mindset by Carol Dweck

Mindset by Carol Dweck

Mindset by Carol Dweck takes a interesting look at how we succeed. While abilities and talents play a role, our mindset is what ultimately drives our success. The fixed and growth mindsets are discussed in this book allowing us to evaluate how we operate and what we can do to embrace a growth mindset.

This is a great read for all ages.

Click here to purchase a copy for yourself!


Lenox employees took time to “Give Back” by getting certified to complete tax returns for the United Way of Cincinnati’s  “Make Work Pay” initiative.

This spring, thanks to the work of more than 726 volunteers, more than 21,040 tax returns were prepared returning about $23.4 million in tax refunds to local families – many of whom cannot afford professional tax preparation services or may not have the skills to complete tax forms.


Jay Lame did his part in “Giving Back” by participating in the Cincinnati Arts Association’s 10th Annual “Dancing with the Stars” to benefit the CAA Overture Awards. He secured the top spot after a “Dance Off”, breaking a tie for first place.

The Cincinnati Arts Association's Overture Awards recognizes, encourages, and rewards excellence in the arts among Tri-state students in grades 9-12.  Its mission is to encourage arts education as an integral part of a student's academic experience and to create an environment that encourages training in, and appreciation of, the arts.  The Overture Awards Competition is the area's largest solo arts competition and offers awards in six artistic disciplines: creative writing, dance, instrumental music, theater, visual art, and vocal music.

The scholarships portion of the Overture Awards are funded by the annual fundraising gala - Dancing for the Stars.  2016 celebrated the tenth anniversary of Dancing for the Stars and over the past ten years this event has raised over $707,693 (gross).