Wealth Management Companies in Cincinnati, OH

If you’re looking for wealth management company in Cincinnati, Ohio who can help you fund a life you’ll love, contact Lenox Wealth.

We Start with You, Not Your Portfolio.




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We Translate Your Personal Strengths into Financial Strength

The Lenox Mindset is to grow, preserve and manage wealth in today's world starting with your strongest asset... you.

It's a powerful difference in working with Lenox. Every individual has unique personal strengths and the ability to succeed. We help you discover your strengths and how you can put them to work to create and build wealth. Using leading edge, self-assessment tools, our financial planners and advisors explore your gifts and identify opportunities to create value around them... guiding you to the career and lifestyle choices that help drive financial success doing what you love to do.


Which of 3 Money Minds Are You?


All of us have a Money Mind®. It’s determined by how we think and feel about money which, in turn, affects every financial decision we make in both our personal and work life. There’s no getting around these inherent feelings we hold inside. Instead, it’s critical that we understand and acknowledge them.  Doing so couldn’t be easier or more engaging thanks to our unique Money Mind® Analyzer tool.  In just minutes, you’ll gain insights you can use for a lifetime.


Take the Money Mind® Analyzer, and see what you'll learn about you.

At Lenox, we are life driven, not just wealth driven. The next 10 years will bring changes that are profound. We’re helping our clients prepare, think differently, understand the power of self potential and make the positive, life-changing transformations that will allow them to realize they can live the life they want.

Financial Life Management

Discover how your life goals and financial goals align

FinLife Management is a collaborative, personalized approach to allow you to do just that. Together, we can help you understand how your money and investment choices can align with personal aspirations to help enrich your life. We will identify what you want your life to look like, understand if you have hte resources to live the life you want, and work with you through life's surprises.