1N5 was created in memory of Jim Miller, who died by suicide in July 2008.

Our goal is to STOP the stigma and RAISE awareness by bringing mental health education to greater Cincinnati schools.

Warrior Run 5K began in 2010 and works in partnership with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Surviving the Teens®, a mental health awareness/suicide prevention program offered to middle/high school students. The organization has donated a total of $315,000 to CCHMC in support of this program and that funding makes up nearly 50% of the program budget each year. The program currently serve 25% of Greater Cincinnati area high schools and it is the goal to serve 75% by the end of 2017.

In 2014, with the aid of former UC President Santa Ono, the organization introduced the College and High School Challenge. Through these Challenges, the organization has donated over $200,000 back to participating school to address the mental health issues of area college and high school students. During Challenges, partner colleges and high schools are in competition through student participation in the Warrior Run 5K, service hours and fundraising. Participating colleges receive $5K, high schools $2K, and they keep all raised funds for mental health program development. Winning schools receive a $1.5K scholarship to award a student who is managing a mental health diagnosis, or one volunteering in the mental health field. A Mental Wellness Week, reaching approximately 15,000 college students each year, is part of a community-wide initiative to raise awareness and funds for mental health and suicide prevention.

Since 2010 1N5 has raised over $515,000 and impacted 75,000 university students and 15,000 high school students. In May 2016, a new event was initiated: the annual 1N5 Spring4Life fundraising event, and in July unveiled www.1N5.org: a resource to detect signs and symptoms of mental illness, sources for help, as well as a place for teens to safely tell their stories. For even greater reach, we utilize social media and local billboards.

We develop relevant and sustainable mental health and suicide prevention programs for area high schools and colleges with the intent to start this very important conversation. To teach students the symptoms of mental health, what to look for not only in themselves but also in their friends, the actions to take if identified, and resources available in and outside the school to start normalizing mental health education.

1N5 aims to end the stigma surrounding mental health and start the conversation by raising awareness in schools and universities in greater Cincinnati.  Nationally, 20% of youth ages 13-18 are living with a mental health condition; 1 in 5 teens are suffering. In 2016, in Cincinnati alone, 21 youth died by suicide. We want to stop this trend. Openness and conversation are the keys to meaningful change to our youth who are in crisis. We are driven to touch the lives of Cincinnati's youth by teaching ways to connect and build community, to foster leaders and to improve and save lives.

In 2017 we plan to increase the local high schools we serve from 25% to 75%. This plan will take shape through the partnership we have with Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Mind Peace and the relationships formed with current districts we serve.

Learn more at www.1N5.org