What should you expect from a financial advisor in today’s world?

Is it time for a different kind of conversation?

You are...

  • just starting out in a career

  • a young couple newly married or about to get married

  •  a young family planning for education and other costs

  • a business owner looking at the purchase, startup or sale of a company

  • an executive reassessing your career

  • in mid-life and planning for retirement

  • going through some major stress or challenge that has a financial impact

  • retired and thinking about your legacy and other next steps

  • a combination of the above

Wherever you are in life, you’re thinking about money.  Are you making enough?  Do you have enough put away? How much will you actually need for tomorrow?  Are you doing everything you should be doing to have the financial security you seek? 

What’s on your mind is on most people’s minds.  You’re thinking the here and now –– not just about wealth management strategies but first, how to create and build wealth.  Unfortunately, your financial advisor may be thinking otherwise.  Too often, the first question a financial advisor asks is how much money you have to invest.  That segues into what financial products he or she suggests you buy, funds to invest in, and how much you need to save each year based on same-old financial formulas.

There’s nothing wrong with that conversation other than it being predictable and your feeling it irrelevant to your situation.  It can leave you wondering how important you will be as a client if you don’t fit into the “boxes” defined by the financial advisor.  How much attention are you likely to get when the advisor wants to talk net worth and asset wealth management versus wealth creation and your bigger financial picture –– family, career, enjoying life today while preparing for retirement, business growth, etc?

Is it time for a different conversation altogether?

Let’s rewind that meeting with the financial advisor.  What if the advisor started by asking you what matters most to you in life… what your goals are… what makes you happy… how you define personal success… how you feel about your work, your passions and, of course, how you feel about money and the role you want it to play in your life and the legacy you leave. 

Those aren’t crazy thoughts.  Most of us already think about those things.  But rarely has anyone helped us make the connection between our need to make money and what matters to us at a personal level, or between what we inherently love to do and the wealth it can generate if we purposely pursue it or, in some cases, are allowed to do so (have the permission of our family, spouse, society, even from our self).

At issue here is a huge, missed opportunity to build our personal wealth, not on investment formulas and market swings but on something much bigger –– something each of us already owns. 

What if someone started with you, not your portfolio? 

At Lenox, we think about wealth in a whole new way.  We are financial advisors, managers and motivators –– yes, motivators –– who believe that optimizing wealth in today’s world relies first on understanding your values, recognizing your talents and identifying what wealth really means to you.

It’s an empowering new approach based on our belief that the true engine driving our individual success already lies within us –– our own unique personal strengths.  It’s a matter of understanding and accepting that belief, uncovering our strengths, and putting them to use in ways that build both our wealth and our happiness.

Sounds simple enough, so why aren’t we already doing this?  There are lots of reasons, but the most common may be that no one ever told us we could or should take the time to figure out or follow our personal strengths.  We go from high school or college to a career –– oftentimes following the path of a parent, or starting in and staying in a career because it’s socially acceptable, or jumping from one job to the next because we can’t find satisfaction or fulfillment –– ever chasing a paycheck versus happiness.

The fact is wealth management strategies are strongest, most doable and successful when guided by one’s personal strengths.  We’ve seen this be the case for people of all ages and income levels. We see it as right thinking in today’s world where business is undergoing profound changes and where the old way may no longer be the best way.

We think it’s time for a different kind of conversation between financial advisors and clients –- one beyond wealth management to everything wealth and life related.  At Lenox, we see our role as helping clients prepare, think differently, understand the power of self-potential, and make the positive, life-changing transformations that will let them realize they can live the life they want… and create, build and share their wealth at the same time. 

It’s what we mean by… Fund A Life You Love.  We’d love the opportunity to tell you more.

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Important Disclosure:  This material presented by Lenox Wealth is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to serve as a substitute for personalized investment advice or as a recommendation or solicitation of any particular security, strategy or investment product. Investments in securities and other investment products entail risk, including the risk of loss.