Build wealth doing what you love.

No time like the present to pursue the career of your dreams.

In America’s current job market where there are more jobs than people to fill them, it’s not only easier to find a job but to find one you want.  It’s a job seeker’s market.  Employers are vying for talent. Opportunities abound across most every industry.  There’s no time like the present to pursue the career of your dreams, and to transition from doing a job to doing the work you love.

So, what’s holding you back? 

Fear of failure?  Inertia?  Negative reaction from family or friends?  Lack of support from your spouse?  Feeling ingrained where you currently are employed?  Lacking the confidence or energy to make a change?  Fear of going out on your own?

All are legitimate emotions to experience.  But none are worth enduring unnecessarily or serving as hurdles to the better future you envision, especially in today’s robust business climate.  You have to get beyond the concerns to get on with life as you want to live it –– that is, finding fulfillment in your career, enjoying greater happiness in how you spend each day, and building wealth doing what you love.

You can do this. Lenox can help.

First questions to ask yourself... “What work would you love to be doing that you aren’t doing?” “What field would you enthusiastically switch to if that door opened for you?”

Answer these from your heart, and you’ll be on your way to defining what we at Lenox call your “life purpose”.  And, what if we were to help you take steps to discover how to turn your life purpose into something you act on and achieve.  Something you live.  Something you love. The something you’ve always wanted to be and do becomes your new life work.

Getting clients unstuck and helping them generate income and wealth doing what they were meant to do in life is one of our greatest joys at Lenox. 

Step #1 is to find out “who” you are.  Science can help.  There are quick and proven assessments that reveal this information, specifically how we think about and react to things if we had no other factors affecting us in life.

The Kolbe A® Index, for example, measures what’s known as our conative strengths –- the actions we take that result from our natural instincts.  Simply put, “what makes us tick”. People who learn this about themselves and then build on their instinctive interests learn to position themselves for greater success, wealth and happiness. 

StrengthsFinder® is a simple assessment to help uncover our inherent talents and develop them into strengths.  Having this information can change the way we look at our self, the world around us, and guide us to doing what we naturally do best. 

Kolbe and StrengthsFinder are two of the most powerful life-building, wealth-building tools that we’ve seen have a remarkable impact on our clients –– self-discovery tools that help to turn your personal strengths into financial strengths. 

If you’re already happily building wealth doing what you love, kudos to you.  Job well done.

If not, give us a call.  Why let another day, week or month go by without taking advantage of your inherent talents and today’s marketplace opportunities to attain the career that lets you truly love your work, not just go to work.

If it sounds like we’re here to help at Lenox, we are.  It’s why “we start with you, not your portfolio”, building on your natural interests and inner strengths to help you FUND A LIFE YOU LOVE®.

We can’t wait to tell you more. 


If you’re ready to discuss financial planning that will allow you to Fund a Life You Love®, we’d love to tell you more.  Let’s talk.  It’s your tomorrow.


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