More Imagination Than Money

Great Holiday Gifts That Won’t Set You Back

It’s holiday time again.  And, as the famous holiday song goes, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” –– that is, unless you’re stressed out by wondering what to give all of the people on your list and how to do so without breaking your budget.  Too many of us splurge in December only to have buyer’s remorse in January and February as the bills come rolling in.


Here’s the deal.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be a great gift giver.  There are a sleigh-full of gift ideas that require more imagination than money.  Here are some of our favorites –- creative gift giving that will please friends, family, business associates and your bottom line. 



For little ones.

  • Snowman of Gifts.  What kid would not love this!  Think three boxes stacked to form the look of a snowman –– small box at the top filled with candy, medium box in the middle has a clothing item, larger box at the bottom contains a toy.  Tie a ribbon around all to make both smiles and memories.  Check out Pinterest

  •  Experiences! The things you do together will be remembered long after toys are played with and clothes are outgrown. 

    • Download a map of your surrounding area along with upcoming events and together with your kids plan a day trip or long weekend getaway. 

    • Sign up for a class or camp that will be of interest to both you and your kids –– pottery, painting or scrapbooking for crafty kids... woodworking for little builders... karate, swimming, basketball or skiing for athletic types... tap, swing, or hip hop for dancers... baking, cooking for chefs in the making, sewing for budding fashionistas, etc. 

    • Plan a project for around the house.  Work together to redo a child’s room, build an outside storage shed, design a garden for next spring/summer, clean out and upgrade your play area.  Let the kids weigh in on the design and planning and participate in the doing.

    • Grab a 2019 calendar and schedule a once-a-month movie night or special dinner with your kids for the coming year.  Let them choose the movie and the menu (with parental approval, of course.) 

    • Select one or more favorite charities and decide how you and your kids can do something each quarter of the New Year to help improve the lives of others.

  •  Books. The gift of reading lasts a lifetime. If you haven’t already done so, take your kids to your local library to get a library card.  Set aside a certain time each day or evening for your kids to take a break from TV and their technological gadgets to hold a book in their hands and read.  Give kids a gift card to their local bookstore or to to choose a new book each quarter for the next year. Do a book swap with friends –– pass back and forth favorite books from one another’s houses at no cost at all.


For adults.

  • Recipes Plus! Share not only a favorite recipe with family and friends but also give them the specific pot, pan, utensil, or serving dish they will need to make it.  Wrap it all together in a holiday-themed dishtowel and top it with a bow.  You will make them a star in their kitchen.

  • Gift Baskets for DIY’ers. Whether you want to please a gardener, cook, woodworker, seamstress, dessert lover, woodworker –– you name it –– you’ll wow them with a gift basket holding items you select just for them. All it takes is a little creativity.  To get inspired, check out “19 DIY Gifts That Show How Much You Really Care” on Pinterest.

  • Date Night for parents. A few hours of babysitting or a sleepover with their kids will make for some very grateful parents. 

  • Photo memories. You can make some great gifts out of photos.  Here’s a Pinterest site that’s full of crafty, affordable gift ideas.  “28 Creative Handmade Photo Crafts with Tutorials”

  • Something Sentimental for grandparents. Pick up an inexpensive glass hurricane (check out your local dollar store).  Then, take your little ones on a healthy hike to gather pinecones, enough to fill the glass container.  Tie a festive ribbon around the top. Attach a tag that the little gift giver has signed, and you have both a cherished gift and meaningful holiday decoration.

  • Something memorable. Let your little ones borrow your smartphone to take pictures of some of their favorite things as the holidays near.  Use the photos to create a calendar that aunts, uncles and grandparents will adore.  A child’s perspective, especially with a camera in hand, can generate some delightfully imperfect and heartwarming photos.


For neighbors.

  • While you’re away gift. When neighbors are out of town, offer to cut their grass, feed their dog, run an errand, or do whatever else you can to give them peace of mind.

  • Swap skills. Joe’s a great griller.  You’re the handyman type.  Ann has a superb green thumb.  Marcy can fix a hem in a flash.  Do a home and away lesson –- giving each other an afternoon or evening of sharing skills and best tips.


For business associates.

  • Time is one of the most coveted of employee perks. If you have the authority to do so, give your team an extra hour (come in an hour later, take two hours for lunch, or leave a bit early) every now and then.  They will love it.



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