SEMINAR: Lenox Talks P&G’s Big Opportunity

Lenox cordially invites you to attend a special event with guest speakers John Lame (CEO) and Steve Reder (President). This event will take place at two different times to better accommodate schedules.  A complimentary meal will be served.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Why the 2018/2019 Firm Forecast is So Important

  • Lenox’s P&G Outlook

  • What We Know About Trian & Nelson Peltz

  • P&G’s Big Opportunity

  • How Your Career and Finances Go Hand in Hand

  • How Lenox Can Help You and Your Family

Space is limited. Please RSVP by February 23 to reserve your seat. Registration begins 30 minutes prior to each session. Feel free to invite family, friends or coworkers - whoever might also be interested in learning more about the future of P&G and the opportunities this outlook presents.


Click below to get directions or RSVP for the event:

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