Lenox Recommends –– Articles that Caught Our Eye / April 2018

What are we reading at LENOX?


Five articles that caught our eye:

San Francisco Is No Longer the Startup Capital. Here's Where Startups Should Look Next


Look at who showed up on this list of 20 top technology growth centers. Three cities in Ohio, including Cincinnati, made the list. Interesting read.



Failing to Prepare Is Preparing to Fail: How To Never Lose Again


Coach Wooden became on expert on winning. He wrote the following about failure in his favorite book, A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court: "I had mistakes, plenty, but I had no failures. We may not have won a championship every year. We may have lost games. But we had no failures. You never fail if you know in your heart that you did the best of which you are capable. I did my best. That is all I could do. Are you going to make mistakes? Of course. But it is not failure if you make full effort. I told my players many times, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” 



A 40-Year-Study Found That Kids Who Do This Are More Likely to Earn the Most Money When They Grow Up


Everyone wants the perfect student as a child, you know, those who do what they are supposed to and don’t rock the boat. Guess what, the rule-breakers make more money…. why you ask? Read below.



What Is a Fiduciary Financial Advisor?


Did you know?  Only fiduciary advisors are legally and ethically required to put your best interest before their own. So what exactly does that mean for you. And, how do you know what your advisor is? Take a look.



What Makes A Marriage Thrive In Your Second Half May Surprise You


Kids are gone, you are now past halftime. This is the perfect time for you and your spouse to reconnect and for your marriage to thrive. Several steps to help you along the way.



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