LENOX Non-Profit of the Month: HONOR FLIGHT Tri-State



HONOR FLIGHT Tri- State is a Cincinnati based non-profit organization created to honor America’s Veterans for all their sacrifices.  They fly our heroes to Washington D.C. to visit and reflect on their memorial -- absolutely FREE. Top priority is given to senior veterans – World War ll, Korean, Vietnam veterans. They are now accepting applications from anyone 65 and older, who served stateside or overseas.

When the National World War ll memorial opened in 2004, Earl Morse, (retired Air Force Captain and Physician’s assistant working for the VA) noticed that patients who had served in WW ll were excited about the Memorial and loved talking about it. Mr. Morse realized, however, that age, finances and poor health, prevented them from making the trip to Washington to see their memorial alone. He came up with an idea – he would take them!

The first HONOR FLIGHT flew in May 2005 with six small private planes from Mr. Morse’s flying Club with 12 World War ll Veterans, on board from Springfield, OH.  In 2006, with the waiting list of veterans expanding rapidly, they transitioned to commercial airline carriers to accommodate the maximum number of Veterans as quickly as possible. To date, the Honor Flight Network has flown over 200,000 vets nationwide from over 144 HUBS in the USA.

Based on recent statistics, the U.S. is losing World War ll Veterans at a rate of 800 per day. HONOR FLIGHT will continue to do whatever it takes to fulfill the dreams of our Veterans, and very importantly, all of our hero’s travel at no cost to them. This is why they have stepped up their fund-raising efforts to accomplish their mission, while the Veterans are still able to travel.

“It is our distinct pleasure and singular honor to be with these Veterans, on their special day and to see the respect they all have for each other and our country,” said one of their guardians.  “It is a day that will change your life”, their director, Cheryl Popp commented. Every vet is accompanied by a guardian / escort.  All guardians travel at their own expense and many guardians have been on several trips. The fee for 2018 is $500 per guardian.

HONOR FLIGHT Tri- State is affiliated with the HONOR FLIGHT NETWORK and is serving the Veterans in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana. We are now taking applications online for all flights.

Honor Flight Tri- State flew 380 Veterans in 2017

The projection for 2018 is over 400!

Help us make a difference in a Veteran’s life… with a trip of a lifetime!

www.honorflighttristate.org                                   Hotline number -513-277-9626

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