Life is Learning

What are you doing to keep up?


Whew.  If you think life is moving quickly, you’re right.  It is.  At the rate in which the world keeps changing... technology keeps expanding... and innovation keeps surprising, it takes a concerted effort to keep up with things.  To that end, each of us has a choice.  We can continue to learn and to educate ourselves (long after college or post-grad) about topics from a to z, or we can watch life go by. 

At Lenox, one of our favorite mantras is “life is learning”.  The question then becomes, “what are we doing to keep up?”

There’s no right or wrong about this idea of lifelong learning. Some people are totally content with what they already know and are happy to observe life as it unfolds.  Others are ravenous about taking courses, attending seminars and following online mentors to gain as much knowledge as possible.

We’d venture to say that most of us probably fall somewhere in the middle, trying to squeeze new learning into our busy schedules as time allows.  The trouble with that approach is that the mandatories of life (work, family, chores, obligations) can get in the way of the joys of learning.  Perhaps what is needed is that we make a conscious commitment to “lifelong learning”. 


Lifelong learning –– a simple commitment


Experts say habits can be created or changed in a 90-day period.  Let’s apply that thinking to learning.  What if we were to challenge our self to learn something new every day for a 90-day period.  Our new knowledge could be focused on any or all topics desired –- everything from things we know nothing about, to nuances in our area of expertise, to things work-related, home-related, people-related, world-events-related, you name it.  It might be written knowledge, a new hands-on skill, a newly-honed technology, a new how-to in the kitchen, workshop, garden, and on and on. 

Opportunities for learning and self-education are everywhere.  We’ve never lived in a time with more robust sources of information so easily accessible.  Think online courses and webinars covering most every discipline imaginable.  Think Google, Pinterest and YouTube for research.  Think of the plethora of books, magazines and other media available to us, classes in our local community, and how about the bright and helpful folks at our neighborhood library. Learning is truly at our fingertips 24/7.

It’s a different world today, and it’s up to us to keep up.  Let’s make a commitment to daily learning. Let’s keep our minds active.  Let’s remain curious, explore new areas and ask questions all the days of our life. We’ll gain not only new knowledge and the personal fulfillment in doing so, but also a whole new set of talking points for conversations with family, friends and business associates.  Happy learning!

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