Personal values and the decisions you make

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Do you ever find yourself on a different page than your spouse, partner or business associate when it comes to making financial choices?  You’re not alone.  Most of us find ourselves in that position more than we care to admit. 

The reality is that each of us has our own distinct priorities regarding money, its role and purpose in our life.  These priorities are based on our personal values and goals which, in turn, affect the financial choices we make. Until we learn, understand and acknowledge these unique qualities about ourselves and those with whom we live or work, we can find ourselves involved in uninformed, tense and/or unsettling decision making.  Simply stated, there’s no sweeping our inherent feelings under the rug; they will surface one way or the other.


Say hello to Honest Conversations®


It’s time to get your personal values, goals and money priorities out on the table... literally.  Our Honest Conversations® exercise uses a series of cards to help you prioritize money goals, make important tradeoffs, and get to money-related decisions that everyone can live with at home or at work. 

Honest Conversations® is a smart, easy and eye-opening way to get you in sync with your money. You’ll discover answers to a wide range of questions.  For example, what do you want your money to accomplish for you? Protection so you feel secure?  Freedom to do what makes you happy?  The financial wherewithal to take care of those you love?  Perhaps it’s all of these and, if so, in what priority?  

Honest Conversations® is one of several outstanding tools that we bring to you as part of our Financial Life (FinLife) experience.  Why?  Because in today’s fast-spinning world where the pressure to make timely but thoughtful financial-related choices is paramount, it’s critical for couples and business partners to know and understand what likely is going on in each other’s head.  The Honest Conversations® tool helps you find and practice this greater clarity.


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