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La Soupe bridges the gap between food waste and hunger. They take imperfect produce headed for the landfill and transform it into nutritious soupes and casseroles which is distributed to the food insecure community. La Soupe has a team of volunteer food runners who pick up produce from various Kroger locations, Jungle Jims, Crosset Distributers, and Pipkins and drop off to La Soupe. This fresh produce is sorted, washed, and then used in a creative way to produce food items for both supporting customers and hungry families and their children.

The Bucket Brigade started so that La Soupe could include local restaurants in the movement. Talented chefs use their own excess plus the perishables that La Soupe delivers to them, to make soupe or prepared meals. This is quarted up, frozen, and delivered to different agencies and schools who feed the food insecure. 

Cincinnati Gives a Crock cooking clubs exist in 3 schools and 2 community groups. Each week the students are taught basic knife skills and how to read recipes, manipulate spices and recognize product. They go home with prepped foods to cook in their crock pot which will feed a family of six. The students love being the “hero” of the family by providing dinner!

La Soupe focuses on feeding students who rely on free and reduced lunches for their meals. Each month, over 6,000 “souper sacks” are sent home so that these children can enjoy a quart of soupe, fresh bread and danish, along with fruit, over the weekend.

In 2018, La Soupe has rescued 124,476 pounds of produce and has given 96,545 servings of healthy food items to people in our community who are hungry. The Bucket Brigade supplied La Soupe with 5,636 gallons of soupe to distribute.

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