For P&G Employees:  

2019 P&G LTIP Bonus–What to Choose? Cash or Stock

You should consider electing to receive the 2019 LTIP award in options

  • Below is information comparing the receipt of the 2019 LTIP award in options versus receipt in RSUs.

  • The information is based upon a 4% growth assumption for P&G stock.

The Options:

  • P&G has given you a choice on how to receive your LTIP incentive award in 2019.

  • There is no longer a fixed RSU to stock option exchange ratio. Based on the November 1 example calculation provided by P&G, the exchange ratio is roughly 7:1. (Note, this is a 17% reduction as compared to last year’s terms with a ratio of 8:1). This analysis assumes a P&G price of $89.59.

  • In this analysis, we lay out an example scenario where a $100M RSU LTIP award is received in 7:1 options.

  • We have also included a calculator which will allow you to make your own assumptions.

But I have cash needs today (or in the near future) and too much P&G stock…I want the cash sooner:

  • With P&G currently trading at $94/share, consider exercising an older stock option to address your short-term cash needs,

  • This will allow you to:

  1. Get the cash you need today

  2. Reduce the risk of the options expiring at a lower price

  3. Reload your option roster with a new 10 year grant, which has more time value than options which expire earlier.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 9.43.02 AM.png
  • A $100,000 RSU bonus today will be worth $146,121 in 2028, assuming 4% growth, 2% dividend growth, and you hold P&G stock for 10 years.

  • A LTIP bonus received in options offers 7x the value in P&G 10-year stock option shares, or 7,475 shares.

  • The STAR bonus in options is worth $283,468 or $137,347 more than the RSU bonus in 10 years, assuming 4% appreciation in the stock.

  • If you believe that the combination of P&G earnings growth and/or change in P/E ratio for P&G is less than 2.1% annually or 21% over the next 10 years, you may wish to consider taking RSUs.

  • In the event that P&G breaks-up and the options get truncated, the economics will be different. For example, if the options were truncated to 5 year, there is only a slight benefit to taking the RSUs ($6,674) and the break-even becomes 4.3%.

  • If you are considering leaving P&G without retiring or receiving a package, please be aware that you may be required to exercise your options within 30 days of leaving the company. This can impact the economics of holding an option vs a RSU.

  • As always, this information and your final decision should be reviewed in the context of your overall financial plan and your other P&G plans and benefits. We recommend you consult with your own professional team including your financial advisor, tax preparer, and estate planning attorney before making a final decision.

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