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Articles That Caught Our Eye in January 2019

Everyday Life

How to get inspired again when you become bored or complacent

So, it is the same old, same old everyday. How best to mix it up and get excited about life again.

Time Management

How Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Successful CEOs Regain Control Over Their Time

Blocking time for meetings is important, but blocking time for “nothing” may be even more important!


20 Pro Tips and Resources to Always Find the Cheapest Airfare

Great thoughts on how to get there faster!

Did You Know?

The 25 Most Desirable Places to Live in the U.S. in 2018

Sit back and think…. where would be your favorite place to live if you could? Did it make the list?


Want People to Think You're Smart and Trustworthy Within Seconds of Meeting You? Science Says Do This

All it takes is a few small things to change people’s perception of you.


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