Lenox Non-Profit of the Month: First Step Home


First Step Home is the premier substance use disorder treatment agency for women while they live together with their children.


To help women break the cycle of addictions and abuse so that they can become self-sufficient and provide a safe, nurturing environment for their children


  • Founded in 1993, First Step Home is the premier addiction center for women in Greater Cincinnati. 

  • We are the first treatment center in the region to allow women to live together with their children, up to the age of twelve, as they recover from their substance use disorder.

  • First Step Home has 11 buildings, including a 24/7 Residential Treatment Center and eleven buildings surrounding the main treatment facility, all within a three-block radius.

  • Lastyear First Step Home nearly 400 women entered treatment at First Step Home. Approximately 50% of those women were pregnant and opiate addicted.    

  • Our agency treats up to 400 women per year and provides clients with access to mental health care, primary care, prenatal care, medication-assisted treatment services (MAT), case management services, on-site child care for those in Residential Treatment, transitional housing services and trauma-informed group and individual therapy.

  • The organization now has about 45 people on staff and serves up to 400 women in eleven buildings in a campus-like setting close to the main treatment facility.

  • Recently, 14 of our 16 women in residential treatment are pregnant and addicted. Meanwhile, taking opioid medications early in pregnancy can cause birth defects and serious problems for the infant and the mother. (CDC)

  • About 18 women die every day of a prescription painkiller overdose in America. (CDC, 2018) 90% of the women we serve are opioid addicted. 

The most effective ways to treat drug use disorders include:

  • Promotion –offering entire continuum of behavioral health services to addicted women

  • Prevention – delivered to prior to disorder appearance to prevent drug misuse and abuse especially in school aged children

  • Treatment – for women diagnosed with substance use disorder

  • Recovery – support individuals ability to live productive lives and help with long term abstinence and recuperation.



The Maternal Addiction Program is a curriculum-based program that addresses the holistic and treatment needs of pregnant women. These needs include medical care, mental health care, individual and group treatment for their addictions, medicated assisted treatment, and advanced skills development around mothering, nutrition and regaining their sense of worth. All of these services will be directed towards opiate-addicted women as this particular class of women has seen a dramatic increase in the number of pregnancies at induction. The Maternal Addiction Program has the potential to save the county and the state tens of millions of dollars in reduced medical costs for babies born to addicted women that have to be placed in neonatal intensive care unit for extended periods of time.


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