Get Busy Building Real Wealth.

5 steps that may help you attain the financial future you envision.

Yes, you can do it.  You can build real wealth.  Wealth building isn’t just for those born with money.  Wealth building can be for anyone who makes it a priority.  Here are 5 steps to help you build the wealth that can lead to the financial future you envision.

1.      Imagine a future even better than your past.

What would life look like if you had the career you desire, the income and lifestyle of your dreams?  This exercise isn’t a matter of daydreaming.  It’s about the simple premise that you have to “see” your future before you can plan for it.  Write down what you envision for a future even better than your past.  Keep your vision handy.  Stick it in your purse or wallet.  Refer to it regularly.

2.      No more procrastination.

Start today.  In fact, start this minute to make wealth building a priority.  Wealth creation will take a lot longer or perhaps never come to fruition if it’s always something you’re going to get around to after you buy this thing or go on that vacation or move to some other city.  Every day and every financial decision count when it comes to solidifying your financial future.

3.      Stop being your own worst enemy.

Block out every negative thought in your head that’s holding you back from wealth building.  For example, “I can’t give up the job I have or forego the security of a paycheck.”  Perhaps instead you should be focused on how to pursue your real strengths in life and find the career that will bring you both greater income and personal happiness.  Or, “I’ll never get my family to be more disciplined about spending and saving.”  We think you can if you work together to think about the rewards all of you can ultimately share.  Negativity gets you nowhere.  Think positive.  Stay positive.

4.      Establish a financial plan.

Get the expert advice of a financial advisor to help you create a financial plan that’s “real” for you and your family.  Start with small steps.  A few, easy changes initially in financial behavior can make a big impact not only on your bottom line but also on motivating you and your loved ones to take additional steps to building wealth.

5.      Have the guts to stick to your plan.

The goal of your financial plan is not to deprive you or your family of happiness or to be so frugal that it becomes a source of ongoing contention.  The goal is to create a plan that allows you to stick to it and still enjoy life.  Your role is to have the guts to stay true to the plan.  If that means postponing making a major purchase or buying a bigger home, or putting off that big vacation for a while, then have the discipline to do so.  If you’re feeling tempted to stray from your plan, first sit down and figure out the impact of your actions on the long-term success of your financial plan, and let that determine whether or not you proceed.  Or, consult with your financial advisor who should always be willing to help guide you in such decision making.

At Lenox, we believe that wealth building is for anyone and everyone who commits to it.  And we’re here to help you discover your own, best personal path to create the wealth and the better tomorrow you envision.

Let us help you Fund A Life You Love®.  We live it and want our clients to experience it as well.

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