Financial Life Guidance

The right online tools can help you create and commit to a financial plan.

Setting up and sticking to a financial plan is getting easier all the time, thanks to technology that simplifies the developing and monitoring of everything from day-to-day activity to long-term goals.

What kind of financial guidance are you seeking?

Where are your greatest interests and concerns?  Wealth creation?  Wealth management?  Savings?  Budgeting?  Education costs?  Retirement?  Career change?  Increasing your income?  Leaving a legacy? 

Our online tools make your financial plan accessible and interactive 24/7.

At Lenox, we are proud to team up with United Capital to bring you their leading-edge tools you can access online to put your financial plan in motion and track your success. 

The process is easy.  Discover your personal attitudes towards money.  Identify the values and goals that determine your financial choices.  Understand trade-offs in making investment decisions. Explore questions such as, “What do you want your life to be like?” and “Do you have the resources to live the life you want?”

Among our tools are enjoyable and eye-opening exercises for both individuals and couples, such as Money Mind®, Honest Conversation®, Investment Viewfinder, Guidecenter, a Priority Action List, and the Financial Control Scorecard®.   All are intended to help you create and commit to a financial plan that makes sense and builds both personal wealth and happiness, whatever your life stage or income.


At Lenox, we help guide you to smart money moves at every stage of life.  We align life planning, career planning and personal financial planning to help you attain what matters most to you. It’s one more way we help you FUND A LIFE YOU LOVE™.

If you’re ready to discuss financial, career and life planning that will allow you to Fund a Life You Love®, we’d love to tell you more.  Let’s talk.  It’s your tomorrow. Call us for a complimentary 1-hour review.  Call 513.618.7080 or visit Contact Us to Fund a Life You Love.


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