How to prepare for what lies ahead.


“Major U.S. corporation purchased by global giant.”

“Longstanding Fortune 500 retailer soon to close its doors.”

“XYZ consumer goods leader to break into three smaller companies.”

Most every week, there’s a new headline and a new story about the changing face of corporate America. Big companies in particular continue to go through a reset of sorts as they rethink, resize and reposition themselves to meet consumer needs in today’s very different global marketplace. 

The result is a churning of roles and a feeling of uncertainty that’s affecting people at all levels across a multitude of industries.  Is this you?  If so, is it your quest is to find both career and financial security in this “who knows what’s next” environment.

What should you be thinking about?

Amidst closings, takeovers and company reconfigurations, where do you as a loyal employee fit into the picture?  Should you stay or should you go?  If the latter, what is your exit strategy?  Where are your best new career options and how do you prepare for them now while still employed?  What about the retirement benefits that you likely have accumulated?

Who’s in your corner?

Everyone’s talking about the company, but who’s looking at the impact on you, your family, your financial planning and your future?  Who’s identifying opportunities for you to come out financially stronger, more secure in your career, and happier from a family and life planning perspective?  

What to get busy doing now.

This may be the perfect time to engage the guidance and networking power of a trusted financial advisor who also specializes in career coaching –- an experienced individualwho can help get you past the fear and paralysis and guide you to positive and productive next steps, such as…

  • Assess Your Job Security.  Does your job add more value inside your company or outside your company? There may be opportunities within your area of expertise that are more valuable outside your company than inside.

  • Rethink Your Current Career.  Should you relaunch your current career or pursue an entirely new direction? If you leave your current field, what will you do next?  How do you go about exploring new opportunities while still taking care of day-to-day family and financial responsibilities? 

  •   Position Yourself for Your Strongest Future.  Who can identify your strengths and key  you into your strongest assets?  How do you gain the knowledge and confidence to turn your personal strengths into financial strengths?  

If you’re wondering who’s looking at the impact of corporate change on you, 

your family and your future, we are at Lenox.  We help you get ready for what’s next.

We understand the many directions in which you can feel torn and the angst that comes with feeling out of control when it comes to your career and financial future.

We guide you through challenges wherever you are in your career and whatever life-stage decision you face.  Our goal is to help you with wealth creation and wealth management to optimize not just your portfolio, but also your life. This can mean life-changing transformations, where we show you how to get where you want to be. 

It’s your tomorrow.  Call us for a complimentary review.  

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