Lenox Non-Profit of the Month:

The Karen Wellington Foundation for LIVING with Breast Cancer

KWF is not your ordinary cancer foundation. Nope. Not at all. Their focus is on FUN. Fun NOW, to be specific. They  put FUN on the calendars of women and families LIVING with breast cancer – women with calendars full of chemo and radiation treatments, doctors’ appointments, tests, treatments and worries. Not-fun-stuff. Their Recipients are special ladies and families who are not done LIVING yet. KWF sends them on family vacations, and provides relaxing spa days, dinners out, concerts, road trips and other FUN-ONLY activities .

KWF is friend-fueled, FUN-focused and, make no mistake about it, Girl-powered! They’re a growing group of friends in 10 chapters throughout the US. Friends who know how to have fun and, more importantly, get excited about giving FUN to others.

What started as Karen's dream to send one family each year on a special vacation once she beat cancer has blossomed! Over the past ten years KWF has sent more than 465! special ladies on important vacations, provided more than 225 spa days and countless other crazy gifts of FUN. In 2018 alone, they sent 102 families on vacation and provided 63 spa days! They hope to do even more in 2019.
They rely on the generosity of people to donate a week a year of their vacation homes or timeshares, airline miles or cash. Their Giving Committee leverages this generosity, connects the dots, and makes some magic happen. Before it’s too late. #FunNow!

How Can You Help?

NOMINATE a woman LIVING with breast cancer for some FUN:


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Our Website:


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