Lenox Non-Profit of the Month: Magnified LivingWho We Are:

Magnified Giving is a 501 © 3 educational organization founded in 2008 by Roger Grein, a recognized leader in the philanthropic community. Our mission is to educate, inspire and engage students in philanthropy, touch the hearts and minds of teens, lighten the concerns of others, and magnify the impact of philanthropy. Magnified Giving seeks to “develop tomorrow’s philanthropists today”. Currently, Magnified Giving operates primarily in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, with five additional partner schools in Cleveland (3) and Indianapolis (2).

What We:

Do: Magnified Giving partners with schools and provides a philanthropy training curriculum that engages students in the process of identifying and assessing a broad range of charitable organizations and directly engaging with local charities. As the process concludes, the students select a charity to receive a grant from Magnified Giving. The grants are awarded in a series of ceremonies that provide the students an opportunity to be a witness to what they have learned and experienced, and to hear how the grant they have awarded will impact the lives of others.

Why We’re Important:

To Date, Magnified Giving has worked with more than 19,500 students to grant more than $700,000 in funding to hundreds of charities in the communities where the students live. Magnified Giving magnifies the impact of our donor’s funds, as we provide grants to local charities through a process that inspires junior high and high school age students to become lifelong givers.  For our students, the lifelong impact of philanthropy education is visible and how their lives and charitable engagement have been forever enhanced is evident in our communities as a result.

How We Serve the Community:

Magnified Giving, through its student-guided grant process, provides direct funding to hundreds of charitable organizations that provide a diverse range of services to the community. To date, this funding has exceeded $700,000, however the impact goes well beyond the funds granted. Magnified Giving is creating future generations of philanthropists that will go on to better serve their communities and have hearts for giving, sharing and caring. While we can measure how many schools have our program, how many students have participated, how many charities have benefited and how many dollars have been granted, we can’t measure the many benefits yet to be realized through the lives of those whose hearts and minds have been forever changed. The ripple effect is powerful.

How You Can:

Help: Magnified Giving helps our student participants understand that they are called to share their time, talent and treasure with others. In the same way, we need the time, talent and treasure of our community to support our impactful student philanthropy program.  Financial donations provide the funds for the grants and help us broaden our reach to more schools and students. Many volunteers have helped us by sharing their gifts in many and diverse aspects of our operations and are welcomed. Many of our opportunities are listed on our website.

Magnified Giving 9940 Reading Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241 513-733-9727 www.magnifiedgiving.org Social Media: @magnifiedgiving         

Executive Director:  Kelly Collison Email: kelly@magnifiedgiving.org

Director of Advancement: Carey Kuznar Email: carey@magnifiedgiving.org

Director of Programs: Alison Kaufman

Board Chair:  Roger Grein

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