Look ahead 5 to 10 years or more

What are you working toward?  And why?

“With a growing family, the expenses seem endless.  We’re not spending money on anything extra right now –– if we did, we’d never reach our college or retirement savings goals.”


“I feel like I’m racing to achieve this magic number ($ amount) so that we can retire and not worry about running out of money.”


“My wife and I both have good jobs and work constantly but still don’t seem to get ahead.  We’re not even sure what our financial goals should be, or how to get there.”


“We’re supposed to have this huge chunk of money saved for retirement by the time we turn 60 or so.  That all sounds good, but we still need to live day to day. Where’s the balance? 


If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you’re in good company.  We often hear these types of sentiments from people of all income levels who are trying to juggle their financial here and now with the future.


The angst is real and it spans generations. This from a young female executive who just turned 40, “Seems like financial comfort comes only after you’ve reached your savings and education and retirement goals, then you can finally relax and do what you want to in life.”  And this from a gentleman nearing retirement, “I couldn’t wait to retire and now I’m wondering if I do so too soon, both for financial reasons and for staying involved.”


Look ahead –– what are you working toward?


A magic number for some day? Then what? How many of life’s moments have you sacrificed in getting there?


What if, instead, the magic (however you define it for yourself and your family) is not just a number but includes your ability to weather the financial challenges of education and other costs, prepare for the unexpected, wind up with the financial security you seek in retirement, and manage to live life to its fullest all along the way?


Sound like a better goal to be working toward?  We think so, and it’s what we help you do. We call it FUND A LIFE YOU LOVE®.

At Lenox, we assist our clients in all aspects of their financial life –- career years through retirement years –– not just in managing their portfolio.  Have a question?  Need some specific guidance or information?  Please let us know. It would be our pleasure to help you Fund A Life You Love™.


If you’re ready to discuss financial planning that will allow you to Fund a Life You Love®, we’d love to tell you more.  Let’s talk.  It’s your tomorrow.


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