Lenox Non-Profit of the Month: OCEAN

More than five years ago, a group of entrepreneurs in Cincinnati began dreaming about what it would look like to foster a community founded on the belief that the call to be an entrepreneur is a noble and equally difficult road to walk. Your idea could change the world, but you might feel alone in the world. Your investors might love you, but your kids might resent you. You might throw your whole life into your project and feel like you lack any purpose.

What if there was a better way? What if the modern entrepreneur’s journey could be informed key lessons from the Christian faith and life of Jesus? What if community could overcome the isolation?

The result of that dream is OCEAN. Through their high-tech accelerator, national conference, and variety of equipping programs for entrepreneurs, this seed of an idea has blossomed into a faith-based eco-system designed to equip entrepreneurs to bravely step out and impact the world. 

OCEAN has the vision to ensure every entrepreneur has access to tools, resources, and community that will holistically equip them to bravely step out and positively impact the world by doing the work they love.

OCEAN’s mission is to increase the awareness of God in the marketplace by building into entrepreneurs. We know entrepreneurs are creating a culture with each new venture and every job created. Their hope is for OCEAN alumni to create cultures that are rooted in a redemptive story and transformative to communities, cities, and industries.


OCEAN has a slew of programs and opportunities to get plugged in and connect with like-minded individuals who are on a pursuit to find ways to incorporate their faith into their work and connect Sunday to Monday. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • EVENTS - Public events designed to inspire and engage while also connecting entrepreneurs. Free community events and paid workshop programs available year-round.

  • GENESIS - 9-week boot camp plus 6 months of small group support. Focuses on mission clarity, idea validation, personal gifts, building a team, financials, impact/culture, and growth. Available 2-3 times per year.

  • ACCELERATOR - Intense 4 months of daily training and mentoring. Starts with a weekend retreat on a spiritual journey, mission, and personal gifts. Focus is the problem and product validation, sustainability, leadership model, building a team, revenue plan, cultural impact, and capital raising. Available each Spring. Applications open August-November.

  • MASTER SERIES WORKSHOPS - For small businesses and start-ups. Focuses on cutting-edge topics. Get in-depth knowledge, tools, and a digital playbook to help grow and manage your small business and startup. Master Series Workshops are conducted monthly by leading Subject Matter Experts.


Want to get involved at OCEAN Programs?


OCEAN Conference is a two-day experience that helps you explore how to be a leader of purpose and passion.

Gather with entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, and more to gain insight, wisdom, and practical tools to equip you along your journey.

Visit our website for more information: OceanConference.org

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Check out our opportunities to volunteer with OCEAN!

Scan the QR code to see when we have opportunities and what roles we have available.

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Interested in becoming a mentor for our Accelerator and other community members?  Email info@oceanprograms.com and a member of our team will reach out with next steps!


Have a heart to contribute to OCEAN’s mission but don’t necessarily have the time?  OCEAN is a not-for-profit organization that runs on the generosity of investors and our community - any and all donations are greatly appreciated and put to good use equipping entrepreneurs and founders to bravely step out.  Scan the QR code to be generous now.

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Interested in bringing some facet of OCEAN to your city?  Our Small Business Training?  High Tech Accelerator? Community Groups & Events?  Email Luke Dooley, OCEAN’s President, at info@oceanprograms.com to learn more and set up a call or in-person meeting.