Lenox Book of the Month: Grit (The Power of Passion and Perseverance)

by Angela Duckworth

While many believe that intelligence is fixed and success is dependent upon your level of “genius,” psychologist Angela Duckworth set out to prove the opposite.

According to Duckworth, it’s not this factor of “genius” that drives success – it’s a combination of passion and long-term perseverance that she calls ‘grit.’

In New York Times bestseller Grit, Duckworth leads the reader through an obstacle course of eye-opening examples of ‘grit,’ from the United States Military Academy at West Point to the National Spelling Bee. Narrowing down what we can learn from high achievers such as athletes, business people, educators, parents, or students – Grit offers valuable insight into working towards your goals, triggering lifelong interest in what you do, and understanding your own personal interpretation of ‘grit.’

Anyone – man or woman, adult or child – can learn to be gritty!