Are you facing changes in your life?

Could be the best thing that ever happened to you

Things are moving along just fine with your career and then one day, forces beyond your control begin to paint a future that looks very different than what you had anticipated.  Happens all the time in the corporate world –– companies merge, downsize or are purchased, or hefty competition changes the dynamics of the marketplace and the once predictable career path is no longer in view. Your comfort zone is replaced with changes yet to be determined.

Career uncertainty also happens to the most seasoned of entrepreneurs.  The best-laid plans and most solidly-financed ideas can fail quickly when a sharp downturn in the economy, supply chain issues, loss of talent, or any of dozens of other potential issues rear their head.

Change is never easy.  In fact, it’s one of the most difficult things we face as human beings.  But when it’s inevitable, you can either deny it and risk being the last to leave the sinking ship, or you can accept it and look at it as your reason to uncover opportunities you never would have explored otherwise.  Think of it as the kick in the pants that takes you out of your comfort zone to a much better place going forward.

According to one corporate manager whose career plan was suddenly turned upside down...

“I lived in comfort until one day a mentor pushed me.  I didn’t know he was my mentor at the time.  He was just my friend and he pushed me to dream bigger dreams. He pushed me to want more out of life. To go after the big fish. 

I have physical and psychological ease because I am reaching for the stars and I am going to do whatever it takes to get there!  My mentor pushed me and changed my thinking. That was motivation enough for me – and wow did my life change.” 


From comfort zone to change –– 3 simple steps 

Whether unexpected change is already in front of you or lurking around the corner, here are three simple steps that will help you take charge of your future.

  1. Accept the change; don’t fight it or drown in self-pity. Negative energy is not only a waste of time, it’s an enormous drain on your energy. Avoid commiserating with the naysayers or letting “crowd speak” drive you to a numbing sense of inertia.

  2. Take immediate steps to position yourself for a better tomorrow. Get busy networking and exploring new opportunities. Reconnect with past associates. Look into courses or seminars that will enhance your skills. Make a list of ways to improve your marketability and tackle them with commitment.

  3. Be ready to make a decision when the right opportunity comes along. Indecisiveness is a decision to not make a decision. This is typically fueled by the fear of failure. Instead, stay positive. Low self-esteem and succumbing to circumstances is why so many people make poor decisions.

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