1-minute video:  Why what matters inside Lenox matters outside to you

We know you’re not thinking about internal matters at Lenox such as “employee engagement”.  But we are, and here’s why it matters to you.  The more engaged our employees are in their work, and the better they are able to hone and use their skills, the more outstanding the service you get from a team that loves going above and beyond for you on a daily basis.

At Lenox, we constantly work to improve who we are as individuals, incorporating the latest tools to be the firm that delivers more service than is ever expected.

Watch this short clip in which John Lame, CEO of Lenox Wealth, shares the beauty of one such tool “Engagement Multiplier®”, used inside Lenox to optimize the strengths of each and every Lenox staff member who, in turn, gladly share their remarkable talents with you.

You can also click here to view the video.

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