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Give yourself the competitive advantage of reading.

Most everyone is driven in life “to achieve” –- whether that means to stay at the forefront of their industry, current in their field, or to earn more, do more, to stay physically fit, to be a better cook, better golfer, better photographer, a better whatever. 

At Lenox, we maintain that lifelong achievement requires lifelong learning.  Getting to “better” doesn’t happen without personal commitment. In the words of one business leader, “You have to learn something new every day so that you can compete with those who do.”

There are many ways to learn, but reading is one practice that we follow at Lenox for staying in the know, and not just reading about financial planning and wealth management but across a variety of subjects.  We consider it one of the best tools for getting and staying ahead of the pack, whatever one’s industry.

To that point, a recent article in the Ageist weekly newsletter entitled “Stop relying on your experience.” caught our eye.  Here’s an excerpt...

“Read. Read. Read.  Now more than ever.  The currency of our time is knowledge, not experience, not past achievement, not money.  The people most at risk in our world are those who do not learn.  The smartest people I meet read obsessively.  This has been true for millennia but now even to stay average and not get left in the dust, we need to be bringing into our brains valuable, actionable information constantly.”  www.agei.st

There’s no shortage of reading material available.  According to Amazon, in the US alone, more than one million books were published last year, up by 600,000 since 2007.  Amazon lists a whopping 46,564 books on its site about Budgeting and Money Management, Retirement Planning, Financial Planning, and other financial service topics. That’s nothing compared to self-improvement books, the leader in all book sales at $10 billion per year in just the US.

At Lenox, we feature a favorite book each month on our website.  This month’s book is “Put Your Dream to The Test” by John Maxwell, internationally-known author and publisher.  It’s an exceptional look at why do some people dream, and realize their dream but others never do. It starts with ten honest, straightforward questions.

For a full listing of our favorite books, click to http://fundalifeyoulove.com/reading-list/  We’d also love to hear your favorites.  What are you thinking about, doing and reading to constantly learn and to give yourself the competitive advantage?

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