An inspiring new way to look at aging

It could well be... “the best is yet to come”

There are plenty of viewpoints on getting older.  The only one that matters is yours. 

Articles and books cover in depth the subject of how our attitude affects our ability to age well, age gracefully, age happily, and age unlike anything expected of us. 

Just look around.  It’s obvious today’s boomers and those older are not “living” their 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s like generations before them.  Many are still working, if not full time at least part time.  Others are starting a second or third career.  A large number are volunteering and otherwise staying fully engaged with life both physically and mentally.  For almost everyone, retirement planning is no longer just about social security benefits or savings withdrawals.  Instead, retirement planning has become life-planning 2.0.

In her bestselling book, Disrupt Aging, author and CEO of AARP, Jo Ann Jenkins writes... “Our perceptions don’t match reality.  Most Americans see life after 50 as a period of decline.  But the convergence of longer life expectancy and technological advances has given many of us 30 years of bonus time for growth and exploration.”

Think about that!  While we may face some added challenges as we age, we also are likely to have more free time to do some of the things we never got around to doing when younger, rearing a family and building our careers.

So, how might we look at the potential of those extra years?  One way is to back out of them, from the far future back to the present.  Specifically, let’s say the average life expectancy in the USA is 100 years rather than 82 +/- years (many scientists will tell you this soon will be a reality).  You’re 70 years old now, so instead of an estimated 12 more years, you have 30 years!  How would you (should you) be living your life today to get the most out of those added years?


Another way to look at a longer life span is by stages of life.  For whatever reasons, life often is divided into thirds –– education years, family/career years, and retirement years.   In today’s world, some believe that four stages may better represent how people are aging –– education years, family/early career years, “repurposing” years, and retirement.

Regardless of how you choose to look at your future, the question becomes... What are you doing now to prepare for the longer life you hopefully will get to enjoy?  How are you approaching your health, your finances, retirement planning, family life, social life, skill sets, “bucket list”, your purpose, and the legacy you desire to leave?

Getting older is a given.  How you feel about it is up to you... and how you feel about affects how you go about it. 

At Lenox, we work closely with our clients to help you think about and plan for all aspects of life.  We see the later years as an exciting time –– a bold and fresh start for many people –– and to that end we guide you through the steps at whatever your current age to get you ready for a robust rest of life.  It’s one more way we help you FUND A LIFE YOU LOVE™.

If you’re ready to discuss financial, career and life planning that will allow you to Fund a Life You Love®, we’d love to tell you more.  Let’s talk.  It’s your tomorrow.

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