Event Recap: The Future of P&G and Corporate America

Last Wednesday we had a great discussion on how Trian would impact P&G over the next year to two. What we know is that as far as activists groups go, they are among the best in the lot. They tend to work  very constructively with senior management and the board and  to have really great ideas on how to improve performance and get shareholder price up. Trian is not necessarily a bad thing and, in many cases, it could be something very positive.

A big part of the discussion was about "What if I work at P&G?" While we talked about stock price, stock options and profit sharing, one thing we really emphasized was-  Do you need a Plan B? For some who work at P&G, they may not have the job security they thought they might have.  The best way to deal with that is to say, "If I need a Plan B, what is it?"

This is where Lenox and our Wealth Creation Unique Process can really help. Do you know what your strengths are? Do you know where you add the most value? Do you understand where, if you left P&G, you could go where you might add value?

Lenox also has new interactive financial planning technology. We an set up a base example of where you are financially.  You are able to  go in and run scenarios on the software and consider different options. This combination of tools is designed to help the P&G employee sort things out as Trian enters the stage.

Please enjoy and share our PowerPoint presentation.