What’s your gut feeling about money?

See what the MONEY MIND® Analyzer reveals about you.

Ever find yourself on opposite ends of the spectrum with your spouse when it comes to spending money?  Do you and a business associate agree on most things but constantly butt heads about investing in new equipment or taking on extra debt?  Are you a saver, while your friends are always ready to splurge on clothes, dinners out and travel?

These gut feelings you have about money are part of who you are.  They affect every part of your financial life –– the financial decisions you make in both your personal and work life, the financial relationships you have with colleagues, and the long-term financial security you want for yourself and your family.


The MONEY MIND® Analyzer reveal powerful information useful for a lifetime.

The Money Mind® Analyzer is an easy-to-use online tool that shows not only the inherent and dominant attitudes you have about money, but also those of your spouse, other family members, or business associates.  It helps you identify and understand your dominant Money Mind® to make better, more informed decisions in the future.  In just minutes, you’ll gain insights you can use for a lifetime. 

Money Mind® is both engaging and enlightening.  Among the questions asked are...

•  What are your priorities for spending, saving, planning, risk-taking and timing? 

•  Do you view money as a means to protect yourself...care for loved ones... or enjoy life?

•  Are money matters for the most part a constant source of tension between you and loved ones or business associates?

The quickly-compiled answers will help you discover what money means to you and how to use this knowledge to your advantage now and for years to come.  At Lenox, we are excited to bring you the innovative Money Mind® Analyzer –– just one of the many powerful tools that are part of our Financial Life (Fin Life) experience.


It’s your turn.  Take the Money Mind® Analyzer, and see what you’ll learn about you.


At Lenox, we work closely with people of all ages to help guide you in every aspect of your financial life –– from understanding your attitudes about money, to wealth creation, wealth building, wealth management, career planning and coaching, funds for education, retirement planning, working through financial hurdles, and more.  In every instance, we start with you, not your portfolio to help you FUND A LIFE YOU LOVE™.

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