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Debby Cook

Client Service Manager



Kolbe Score


Top 5 StrengthsFinders

  • Harmony

  • Belief

  • Responsibility

  • Individualization

  • Consistency


Money Mind


What three words best describe you?

  • Encourager

  • Caring

  • Thoughtful


What I like best about my role at Lenox

The best part of my role is being apart of the Lenox team in helping our clients achieve their dreams. It’s encouraging working amongst genuine, caring people.

Best advice I was ever given

Stop waiting and live your life.

What does “Fund a Life You Love” mean to you?

Living your life the way you dream it to be.


We’re seeing a shift to clients wanting– expecting– straight talk about the financial world going forward and what it will mean to them. Not the same old formulas but a realistic look at the ‘what-ifs’, watch-outs, opportunities… and what they should be doing now to prepare. We’re committed to helping them make the best choices.