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Like you, we know that success is measured not just through a financial lens, but also in one’s personal happiness. How do you define happiness? Is it the money you make or the joy it can create, whether for you, your family, your business, or community? For most people, it’s the sum of all of these. It’s realizing your purpose and values and “living” them. We can help you do that.


Ready to take the next steps to meet your Wealth Creation, Wealth Management and Wealth Impact goals?  Let’s get busy.

At Lenox, we are proud to team up with United Capital and bring you their leading-edge tools you can access online to put your financial plan in motion. 

The process is easy, eye opening and exciting.  Discover your personal attitudes towards money.  Identify the values and goals that determine your financial choices.  Understand trade-offs in making investment decisions. Explore questions such as, “What do you want your life to be like?” and “Do you have the resources to live the life you want?”

Click here to get started.  You’ve never had financial guidance more uniquely built on choices that are right for you.


Find out what money means to you.

How do you feel about money?  Do you see money as a means to enjoy life, to protect yourself, or to care for loved ones?  Where are your priorities for spending, saving, planning, risk-taking, and timing?  Do you mostly agree on money matters or are they a constant source of tension between you and loved ones or business associates? Understanding what money means to you and why you feel the way you do can provide powerful information for mapping out your future financial security, comfort, fun and happiness.

MoneyMind® is our remarkable, proprietary tool that will open your eyes not only to your own money attitudes but to those of your spouse, other family members, or business partner(s). This engaging, easy-to-use tool allows you to gain immediate insights into your attitude about money and delivers valuable revelations you will use for a lifetime.  Click here and get busy.

Lenox and United Capital are two companies in the group that’s redefining the financial services industry.  As a FinLife partner of United Capital, Lenox is helping to carve a new path for our clients ––a breakthrough and expanded perspective regarding services, benefits and savings never before available.
— John Lame, CEO/Lenox Wealth