Which Money Mind® are you?

All of us have a Money Mind®. It’s determined by how we think and feel about money which, in turn, affects every financial decision we make in both our personal and work life. There’s no getting around these inherent feelings we hold inside. Instead, it’s critical that we understand and acknowledge them.  Doing so couldn’t be easier or more engaging thanks to our unique Money Mind® Analyzer tool.  In just minutes, you’ll gain insights you can use for a lifetime.



The Commitment Money mind prioritizes supporting people and causes, and derives joy from giving.



The Protection Money Mind tends to value security and peace of mind, living well within their means.



The Happiness Money Mind looks to the near term, and thrives on living life to the fullest.


It’s your turn.  Take the Money Mind® Analyzer, and see what you’ll learn about you.

Simply answer a series of quick questions, and our Money Mind® Analyzer tells you what your primary influence in life is and, thus, your dominant Money Mind–– commitment, protection, or happiness –- followed by the other two options being your secondary influences.