In these years when you’re entering a career, getting married, starting a family, or buying your first home, the thought of wealth creation may seem entirely elusive. In reality, this is the time to establish a lifetime of financial habits and priorities that will lead to the security and happiness you desire. We help you look at savings, spending, budgeting, future costs, the power of compounding money and more––everything you need to Fund A Life You Love®.

Changes in business, relationships, and responsibilities occur over time. When they do, will you be ready? What’s your Backup Plan? How do you plan for wealth creation to continue through life’s ups and downs? Where do you turn to explore new or different opportunities especially in today’s economy where the rules have changed? As author Seth Godin says, “The safety zone has changed, but your comfort zone has not. Those places that felt safe–-the corner office, the famous college, the secure job––aren’t.” At Lenox, we help you work through and optimize the realities that life can present.

There’s no time limit to wealth creation, no deadline for continuing to build your nest egg other than what matters to you. Whether you’re nearing retirement, well into and enjoying retirement, or considering a second or third career, we are here to help you explore your options for “what’s next” in wealth creation.

We offer personal coaching as part of our deep commitment to, "We start with you, not your portfolio". We view coaching not as a one-time event or a binder on the shelf but instead, as a combination of motivation, mentoring and monitoring that's inviting and engaging, comfortable not critical. We gladly bring you our years of learning and techniques to ignite your strengths and accelerate your success. How can we help? Career. Business. Life. Divorce.