Wealth Creation Advisors in Cincinnati, OH

Wealth creation services help you make money so you can live life, instead of living life to make money. Learn more about Lenox, a wealth creation company.


Instead of living life to make money, we help you make money so you can live life in the best, most meaningful way possible. It starts with discovering your greatest strengths and optimizing them in ways that let you create wealth doing what you love. Wealth creation is about your personal assets maximizing your financial assets.  

Someone’s growth to wealth creation is based on… did you identify your gifts? ... did you identify who should receive your gifts? ... and are you getting paid fairly for your gifts? We get this right; we can change anyone’s life.
— John Lame

Coaching to Get You There

At Lenox, we offer personal coaching as part of our deep commitment to, “We start with you, not your portfolio”. We view coaching not as a one-time event or a binder on the shelf but instead, as a combination of motivation, mentoring and monitoring that’s inviting and engaging, comfortable not critical. We gladly bring you our years of learning and techniques to ignite your strengths and accelerate your success.


Lenox offers various levels of Career Coaching, from “Young Professional Coaching” to “Mid-Career”, to “Changing Careers”, to “Retirement/Succession Coaching”. We start with an assessment to define your Unique Ability –- the talents, interests, characteristics and capabilities unique to you.

Wherever you are in your career, our goal is to discover what is important to you, what you do well, how you instinctively behave, what energizes you, and to then get you focused in that direction. The findings can be life changing from both a financial and happiness perspective. Think of us as your personal HR department, dedicated to you and your optimal success.
Lenox can help with...
  • Growth Issues in the Workplace
  • Job Offer Review with an Opinion Letter
  • Changing Careers
  • Maximizing Your Strengths for Multiple Careers and Revenue Streams


Lenox offers Business Coaching to help you with Business Start-Up, Business Succession, and Business Purchase. We begin with an assessment to define your Unique Ability® –- the talents, interests, characteristics and capabilities unique to you. With this information, we can help to identify your strengths and any opportunities, gaps or watch-outs that may exist in pursuing a business start-up, purchase, or succession planning. Business coaching is available to individuals, management teams, or an entire staff.
Lenox can help with...
  • Team Development
  • Growth Plan Development
  • Recruiting and Hiring the Right People
  • Getting the Right People in the Right Role
  • Industry Opportunities and Networking
  • Marketing Brainstorming


Lenox offers coaching for what we know to be transitional stages of life.

“I Do” for Couples

Whether engaged, newly married or celebrating a special anniversary, all benefit from this program unique to Lenox. Coaching begins with an assessment to discover what each person brings to the relationship, along with expectations, life dreams and more. We help couples come together and create goals as individuals and as a twosome in regard to budgeting, savings, spending, and finances for a lifetime.
Lenox can help with...
  • “Honest Conversations” –- Insights into what matters to you in life
  • “Money Mind” –– What role money plays to each of you as individuals
  • How to Save and How to Give
  • Building Your Net Worth
  • How to Plan for and Navigate the Unexpected


Going through a divorce can be one of the most traumatic and challenging times in a person’s life –– physically, emotionally and financially. We understand. Our goal is not only to assist you with the financial aspects of divorce but also to help you maintain and build your confidence in this time of transition.
Lenox can help with...
  • Review of Available Assets
  • How to Hold onto What Is Yours
  • Financial Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Family-Related Financial Issues
  • How to Handle the Sharing of Expenses
  • Future Planning –- Career, Retirement, Estate

WEALTH CREATION SOLUTIONS                                       

  • Assessment Services
  • Business Purchases or StartUp
  • Business Succession
  • Connect with our Professional Network
  • Engaged Couples
  • Relaunch Your Career
  • Career Path and Transitions
  • Mastermind Series Coaching
  • Young Professional Coaching
  • Money Management
  • Personal Finance Tips

You’re supposed to have a few million to even start the conversation about wealth management, right?  But is anybody talking to you about how to get those first few million? We are.

So many people train themselves to believe they can’t have/live what they want. We empower people to think differently and dream bigger
— John Lame