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Wealth creation services help you make money so you can live life, instead of living life to make money. Learn more about Lenox, a wealth creation company.


Instead of living life to make money, we help you make money so you can live life in the best, most meaningful way possible. It starts with discovering your greatest strengths and optimizing them in ways that let you create wealth doing what you love. Wealth creation is about your personal assets maximizing your financial assets.  


Where’s your greatest potential?  What are the many possibilities?


“Someone’s growth to wealth creation is based on… did you identify your gifts?... did you identify who should receive your gifts?... and are you getting paid fairly for your gifts?  We get this right; we can change anyone’s life.”     –– John Lame, CEO/Lenox Wealth

At Lenox, we’re using exciting digital and traditional tools to help you identify your gifts and discover your greatest potential.  These tools are of enormous value in clarifying and charting a strategic path to wealth creation that’s specific to you and your goals.


What kind of future do you want? These tools require you to look ahead to where you want to be in three years, and then look back at what has happened over that period of time for you to feel excited about your life.  The exercise includes brainstorming the elements that can affect your path along the way, what we refer to as DOS– “dangers” to be eliminated, “opportunities” to be captured, and “strengths” to be reinforced. 

You’re supposed to have a few million to even start the conversation about wealth building, right? But is anybody talking to you about how to get those first few million? We are.


The Kolbe A™ Index is about understanding what makes people tick– your conative strengths– your natural and instinctive talents that drive individual and group behaviors. We use the assessment to identify your conative strengths, explore how they fit into your work, relationships and teams, and discus how to leverage them to make a powerful difference in your life and financial success. 


Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day? Chances are, you don't, because your natural talents are going untapped. The fact is, most people spend more time fixing their shortcomings than developing their strengths. Using the StrengthsFinder® assessment, we help you uncover your top five inherent talents and walk you through how to develop your strengths. The results will change the way you look at yourself– and the world around you– forever.


WEALTH CREATION SOLUTIONS                                       

  • Assessment Services
  • Business Purchases or StartUp
  • Business Succession
  • Connect with our Professional Network
  • Engaged Couples
  • Relaunch Your Career
  • Career Path and Transitions
  • Mastermind Series Coaching
  • Young Professional Coaching
  • Money Management
  • Personal Finance Tips

“We make life changing transformations for our clients, where we show people how to get where they want to be.  But if we don’t know what’s important to you, we can’t help you get there."

                                                                                                     –– Anne Megerle, SVP/Lenox Wealth

So many people train themselves to believe they can’t have/live what they want. We empower people to think differently and dream bigger
— John Lame