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We believe success is measured not just through a financial lens, but also in personal happiness. Learn more about our retirement planning & family wealth management services.

Wealth Impact

Like you, we know that success is measured not just through a financial lens, but also in one’s personal happiness. How do you define happiness? Is it the money you make or the joy it can create, whether for you, your family, your business, or community? For most people, it’s the sum of all of these. It’s realizing your purpose and values and “living” them. We can help you do that.


What financial legacy do you wish to leave? What are the tax and estate ramifications, portfolio risk and other considerations? Through effective planning and diligent execution, we help you establish your objectives from every perspective –– succession plan for business, passing wealth onto next generations, caring for loved ones, charitable contributions, and more.


There’s a lot to consider in estate planning –– family dynamics, societal legacy, wealth distribution to heirs, care for family members in need, generational influences and traditions, to name a few. We help you discover what’s important to you in the transfer of your estate –- the impact you wish to make both during life and at death –– and then help you establish an estate plan that meets your goals while minimizing gift, estate, and income tax. We also work with family members who are faced with making elder care and estate planning decisions for a parent or other loved one.
Lenox provides…
  • Review of Estate Documents
  • Opinion Letter
  • Insurance Review
  • Estate and Legacy Financial Plan
  • Assessing Elder Care for Loved Ones


Settling an estate can be involved as you determine what assets were owned by the deceased and place a value on those assets. Wills and trusts need to be located and reviewed to make sure all legal provisions have been met. Agencies and businesses with whom the deceased had a relationship or received benefits need to be notified. Monies owed to the estate need to be collected, and monies due need to be paid –– bills, taxes or other debts. Next is the transferring of assets to the correct people and institutions. Our goal is to guide you through these steps with ease and to bring you the comfort of knowing that all has been facilitated properly.
Lenox helps with the...
  • Expertise, tools and resources to guide you through Estate Settlement
  • Meeting with Executor(trix)
  • Coordination of Transfer of Assets
  • Coordination of Life Insurance Payouts
  • Making Sense of Tax Issues
  • Communication with and Handling of Beneficiaries


Getting on with life after losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult of times any of us face –– emotionally, physically and financially. We understand and offer a plan to help guide you through this period from a financial perspective. Our goal is to bring you peace of mind and to lessen your worries in knowing your financial needs will be met.
Lenox helps with…
  • Assessing Your Financial Picture
  • Defining Your Goals and Establishing a Financial Plan
  • Reviewing Your Plan with Family Members
  • Coordinating your Network of Trusted Advisors


Today’s seniors are working longer and living longer than ever before. Classic milestones such as retirement at age 65 and typical life expectancies are going by the wayside. A longer life, however, can raise concerns about how to afford the costs of health care for what might be an extended retirement. Our experts help you look at your options for long-term care –– from planning and saving for health care and assisted living, to what types of insurance products are best suited to your needs, to ensuring you are neither under- nor over-insured.
Lenox helps with…
  • Exploring and Determining Your Specific Needs
  • Estate Document Review and Opinion Letter
  • Insurance Review and Opinion Letter
  • Introduction to the Right Resources
  • Review of the Long-Term Care Checklist
  • Access to a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)


The opportunity to share one’s wealth is often described as the most meaningful of moments in life. We are knowledgable in helping to make your wealth work for you and the world around you. Trust us to thoroughly assess organizations, causes and institutions that interest you, and assure that your charitable gifting is facilitated professionally, accurately and to the advantage of all concerned.
Lenox helps you…
  • Explore and Properly Vet Non-Profits
  • Establish Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Create Donor Advised Funds
  • Manage and Monitor Charitable Gifting
  • Communicate Your Plan to Family Members


At Lenox we're very interested
in getting behind the causes
of people we believe in.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.
— Pablo Picasso