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We believe success is measured not just through a financial lens, but also in personal happiness. Learn more about our retirement planning & family wealth management services.


Like you, we know that success is measured not just through a financial lens, but also in one’s personal happiness. How do you define happiness? Is it the money you make or the joy it can create, whether for you, your family, your business, or community? For most people, it’s the sum of all of these. It’s realizing your purpose and values and “living” them. We can help you do that.

What's Your Purpose?


What financial legacy do you wish to leave? What are the tax and estate ramifications, portfolio risk and other considerations? Through effective planning and diligent execution, we help you establish and meet your objectives from every perspective –– succession plan for business, passing wealth onto next generations, caring for loved ones, charitable contributions.


The opportunity to share one’s wealth is often described as the most meaningful of moments in life. We are experts in helping to make your wealth work for you and the world around you. Trust us to explore and vet non-profits, set up Charitable Remainder Trusts, create Donor Advised Funds, and assure you that your charitable giving is facilitated professionally and to the advantage of all concerned.


  • Charitable Giving
  • Embrace for Loved Ones
  • Estate and Legacy Planning
  • Estate Settlement
  • Long Term Care

“At Lenox, we’re very interested in getting behind the causes of people we believe in.”                                                                       

                    ––    Ann Burney, CFP/Lenox Wealth

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.
— Pablo Picasso