Wealth Management Advisors in Cincinnati, OH

Lenox is a wealth management firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We put you, not your portfolio, first. Learn more about our asset management services.


It’s about building and optimizing your portfolio –– that’s key –– but it’s also about investing in your personal assets to maximize living. We look at ways your wealth can support your life choices, how it can free you, empower you, ways to help realize your dreams, and ways to give back.  And we know how to connect you to the people and resources that can further support your goals.



Whatever your age or stage of life, we build your financial plan based on you, your life and all of its moving parts. Everything we do is current and relevant in today’s economy. Our commitment is to bring you leading financial thinking, adapt it to your goals and dreams, and provide you a roadmap that drives financial security, your style. You can trust us to look at financial planning from your perspective, and develop the plan that lets you live life with financial confidence and peace of mind, while doing what matters most to you.
Lenox planning includes…
  • Education Planning/Saving
  • Marriage/Family
  • Career Path and Transitions
  • Children and Finances
  • Life Stages- Divorce/Estate Planning
  • Cash Flow and Management
  • Charitable Gifting Strategies
  • Insurance Review
  • Estate Planning
  • Benefits Planning/Review


As independent, fee-only registered investment advisers, Lenox serves as a fiduciary making your interests first and foremost each and every interaction. Unlike financial advisors who are compensated by promoting and selling proprietary products, Lenox is beholden to no one other than our clients. We work for you, not a brokerage firm, bank or money manager. As such, we have the power and flexibility to work with a broad range of investment strategies, money managers, and investment products – all designed around the unique interests of you and your family, while reducing your fees and taxes.
Lenox assists with…
  • Creating Your Personalized Investment Strategy
  • Identifying and Capturing Investment Opportunities
  • Strategic Portfolio Design/Asset Selection
  • Making Choices/Mitigating Risk
  • Market Intelligence
  • Tax Management and Efficiencies
  • Monitoring/Rebalancing/Reporting
  • Capital Markets Forecasts


We are delighted to bring you Lenox Family Office -- a level of service once available only to the wealthiest of families, but that we make available to all of our Lenox clients. It’s the extra care you deserve across all parts of your financial life. How do you benefit? As your personal “family office”, we consistently represent you and your best interests with your insurance agent, mortgage broker, banker, realtor, and whoever else to make sure all is being done in accordance with your financial plan. As independent fee-only advisers, we can and do go to any and every vendor and resource to find the best talent as well as the best policy, plan or product at wholesale pricing for whatever your need – investing, savings, insurance, banking, mortgage, autos, education, real estate, etc.
Lenox provides…
  • Consolidation/coordination of financial and investment needs
  • Concierge and advisory services
  • Monitoring of your financial plan
  • Overseeing preservation of family wealth
  • Communication with family members about financial matters
  • Execution of charitable gifting
  • Ongoing financial reviews and reporting


Oftentimes, there is a question of how to transition a business or wealth. What makes the most sense or is the most efficient? How do you prepare to transition a business, and what do you need to do and consider throughout the process? How do you equitably pass along wealth to future generations? We have a Certified Exit Planning Advisor® (CEPA®) on staff to help you think through the planning, steps and ramifications.
Lenox helps with…
  • Simplification of complex business and family financial matters
  • Avoidance of “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations”
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Business Sale or Purchase Guidance
  • Tax Strategies
  • Managing an Inheritance
  • Lenox “10/10” Program


Lenox has a wide network of trusted, vetted professionals who we make available to our clients in special situations. Whether you need a mortgage specialist or estate planner, an accountant or insurance expert, we can help you find that reputable person or team to help.
Lenox’ network includes specialists in...
  • Estate Planning
  • Accounting
  • Mortgages (Residential and Commercial)
  • Auto Loans
  • Insurance
  • Major Purchases
With our approach, wealth-driven strategies support you every step of the way
–– even through life’s challenges, the bumps, the really hard transitions. We recognize how change can be an opportunity for growth, and we help you leverage it in ways you have never before considered.
— Steve Reder, President/Lenox Wealth